GoBean was developed by Natural Medical Doctors (NMD’s) and board certified MD’s who are passionate about health and wellness. We believe that Mother Nature creates food as it should be ingested. That is why we insist that our products be made from the entire, intact green coffee bean.  We do not use an extraction process with our products. The green coffee is not roasted at 600 plus degrees – which kills most nutrients in the bean.

The purest, natural form of raw green unroasted coffee beans are transformed into WGCP (Whole Green Coffee Powder), alas, introducing the healthiest line of coffee products to the world. Maximum focus, concentration, endurance, glucose-control as well as safe and healthy appetite suppressant properties are also gleaned from this effective, natural source of energy.

WGCP is and made through a patented process which took several years to perfect. We firmly believe that  achieving a physical and emotional balance in life is primarily accomplished by adopting a healthy diet, staying active, exercising, practicing mindfulness/kindness and visiting/respecting/utilizing nature.
That is what you find in WGCP (Whole Green Coffee Powder).

GoBean’s WGCP™ is Developed & Recommended by Physicians